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Czech Modernism - Tuesday 07/02/23 at 6.30pm



This very popular event took place with the cooperation of the Czech Embassy.
The proliferation of what we now term 'Modernism' In the period following the First World War can be seen possibly at is most progressive in former Czechoslovakia. This flowering of a new national consciousness, expressed through contemporary design was explored in an exciting presentation by Ivan Margolius at the Czech Embassy last night.

Margolius' presentation ranged widely over design in all its various guises: buildings, industrial products, transport typography, books and many other consumer products, which would have been familiar the population. Despite the traumas of the second half of the twentieth century this concern for design still prevails as a testimony to Czech sophistication. He gave us such a wonderful ‘tour d’horizon’ of architecture and design which emphasised how inventive and advanced the Czechs were in the flourishing 1920s and 30s.

Ivan Margolius is an architect and award-winning writer. His latest book, 'Jan Kaplický: For the Future and for Beauty' (Edition Axel Menges, 2022, ISBN 978-3-86905-025-06) received the 2021 Miroslav Ivanov Prize for Non-fiction Literature and is available from bookshops and Amazon.

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