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Issu18Compo -Chairman’s Report

-What the British Volunteers Have Taught Us by Michaela Hofmanová

-The Low-Beer, Tugendhat and Stiassni Family Reunion (PDF 609KB)

-The Strahov Stadium - the Mirror of Twentieth-Century Czechoslovakia (PDF 642KB)

-Tatra as the Modern World Symbol

-Historical Reflections and Hopes for the Future

-Dobrá Voda and Günther: a Glass Altar

-Review: 'Masaryk as a Phenomenon'

-Projects and working parties

-Friends' Events

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Articles available to download as PDFs:

A Forgotten Cubist Gem in Bohemia - the Villa Benies (678KB)

The Robot of Prague by Ivan Margolius (680KB)

Rebuilding, Moving and Restoration: the dilemmas of preserving historic buildings (508KB PDF)

Antonin Raymond, an Architectural Journey (780KB PDF)

The Industrial Heritage of Ostrava - Authenticity at the Crossroads by Mgr. Květa Jordánová, University of Ostrava (892KB)

Cars, Furniture, Architecture: the Tatra car and its influence by Ivan Margolius (910KB)

Egon Schiele and Český Krumlov by Frances Blythe (793KB)

Writing ‘The Architecture of Prague and Bohemia’ (1.36MB) by Brian Knox

Beethoven and the musical history of the Château of Hradec nad Moravicí (902KB) by Markéta Wiesnerová

Charles IV and the New Town of Prague (3.162MB) by Dagmar Šmrhová

Jan Blažej Santini-Aichel (93KB) by Caroline Cannon-Brookes

Mozart and the Czechs (548KB) by Catherine Sprague

How I Saved a Czech Historic Building (2.35MB) by Steven Brummel

The Czech Language is not Difficult to Sing(107KB) by Karel Janovický

Two Decades of Freedom – after Twice as Long of Life without  (205KB) by Josef Jařab

Queen of the Castle (221KB) The Sixties at Rožmberk Castle by Jana Sommerlad

The Lively World of Prague Coffee Houses (270KB) by Eva Bendová

St Vitus Treasure on View to the Public (129.76KB) by Professor Ivo Hlobil

Coming to know the Czech lands (478KB) by Barbara Peacock

The Park at Krásný Dvůr (599KB) by Prof. PhDr. Pavel Vlček

VlcekCover0112Newsletter Issue 6 contained a seven-page article about the 18th-century garden at Krásný Dvůr by Prof. PhDr. Pavel Vlček, a research fellow at the Institute of Art History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. He also lectures at the School of Architecure, CTU Prague, and is the author of numerous books on Czech architectural history. Our Newsletter regularly includes scholarly articles translated into English from Czech for the first time and not available elsewhere.