I would like to express my appreciation of the hard work of The Friends ... in all that you have done in recent years. I would like to thank you for the last edition of your Newsletter, which I have found very interesting. I personally appreciate that your society is well informed about the Czech cultural heritage. It is very nice to know of the deep interest of volunteers in the United Kingdom, helping our country in many activities devoted to heritage at risk”

Naděžda Goryczková, Director General of the National Heritage Institute

CD BeaverCellarWeb cAnnaForeshewWhat the Friends have done – the main contribution is their energy. Without their interest, enthusiasm, effort and work we would have probably never started on the ‘Mauricovna’. The energy brought in by the Friends is not only inspirational, it obliges us to add our own. The Friends’ cooperation helps us attract attention and support from external sources we would never reach without them

Jiří Dvořáček, Director of the Sanatorium of Červený Dvůr

"It was really great fun and I am amazed how much effort you put into this working party. The whole idea with the Friends of the Czech Heritage is absolutely amazing. We would love to have you here again"

Leona Paseková, Žďár nad Sázavou, working holiday participant

"We very much thank you for your exceptional and warm-hearted support. I would like to stress that without the help of The Friends of Czech Heritage the mortuary would have remained in its miserable state. We believe that it will now be easier to obtain more funding even in the present adverse time. In any case we have definitely stopped the collapse of this valuable building"

Marie Smutná, Mortuary, Starý Kolín, October 2020

“I was very moved to discover that a group of British people with no direct links to my home country other than admiration for its beauty and historic treasures wants to lend a hand and make sure the future generations can enjoy and learn from our rich traditions”

Eva Jiřičná, RA, Architect, Patron of The Friends of Czech Heritage

AltarFinishedWeb“I am really glad that the project is reaching the final stages and I would like to thank you all once again for your support. There were several people in the conservation team working almost ‘day and night’ during the last weeks to finish the works before the temperatures in the church started falling down. And there was also another motivation - your great support and trust we could feel all the time – coming from far but felt very closely here. I think personally that this is something really exceptional and on behalf of all I can say that we feel all very thankful that you enabled us to reach this result”

Zbyněk Vintr, Restoration Manager of the Church of Žďár nad Sázavou

"...big THANK YOU to The Friends for helping out with Karlštejn gate restoration directly and personally from Karlštejn kastelán Ing. Jaromír Kubů. We really value your help"

Milan Svoboda, Heritage Consultant, Czech Republic

“I think what the Friends have achieved so far is very impressive and as one travels around the country one is saddened by the neglect and destruction of so much very rich heritage during the recent past, however, one is heartened by what is now being restored” 

Caroline Cannon-Brookes, former  lecturer at the University of Leeds 

The Friends received the following mention on RSS feed of the National Heritage Institute of the Czech Republic, Národní památkový ústav:

"The Friends of Czech Heritage...have an understanding for our heritage and have supported it in an especially valuable way - financially, technically, morally and in a way that transcends nationality" 

CKMusic pavilion Ceiling Detail of Summer PG 2WebYour contribution towards the restoration of the Rococo garden arbour at Český Krumlov acted as a catalyst that enabled the South Bohemian National Heritage Institute to obtain funding of the further monies needed to complete the restoration”

Kateřina Cichrová, Restoration Specialist, National Heritage Insititute, České Budějovice

NoveMNMetujiWEBI want to thank you all for your wonderful support for our zámek [château] and in particular the garden. I truly appreciate all your kindness

Mrs Pat Bartoň, owner of the château of Nové Město nad Metují

I'd like to thank once again The Friends .... for your support and help. Thanks to you the castle regained one of the most precious items of the former art collection. It's a great event not only for the castle but even for the town and region

František Šuman, curator in the château of Děčín, North Bohemia

PortraiitDrVachaSmaller“Without the financial assistance from the British side we would not be in a position to carry out important repairs to the hall”


Dr Zdeněk Vácha, National Heritage Institute, Brno, (photo, right) concerning a grant to the Château of Uherčice

nemcova miroslava2“I have been to Žďár nad Sázavou and I very much value how The Friends ... are protecting historic buildings. This a very effective help for our country, which abounds in historic riches that were however severely damaged during forty years of communism”


Miroslava Němcová, former Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. Photo coutesy of Radio.cz