CervDvurMauricovnaPlanThe Friends of Czech Heritage have launched an appeal to complete the restoration of a heritage building being used for the treatment of addiction victims. Our project aims to reverse long-term dependency problems by reuniting families of addiction victims for joint treatments in a naturally restorative setting. When completed the facility will provide a unique environment for patients and their families, not just in the Czech Republic, but internationally.

We appeal to Czech and international sponsors to bring the Mauricovna project on stream to alleviate the suffering of victims and their families.

The Červený Dvůr (Red Court) clinic is a magnificent heritage château with an extensive park near Český Krumlov in Southern Bohemia. It was built in 1590 and remodelled to its present appearance in the eighteenth century. The psychiatric clinic Červený Dvůr, founded in 1966, is a unique medical facility for the treatment of dependency on drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling and social media. The château isn’t an exclusive facility: all Czech patients have access to treatment at Červený Dvůr through their health insurance.

In the château’s beautiful park the former estate supervisor’s cottage, the Mauricovna, is being restored to become a therapy unit where family relationships, broken by addiction, can be rebuilt. The restored Mauricovna will be the ideal peaceful location where the family healing process can begin during help to treat addiction.

You can read more about the work here:

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Please visit the website here: https://www.mauricovna.net/