LECTURE IN THE CZECH EMBASSY 17/05/22: 'My life with Bat'a' by Sir John Tusa


LECTURE IN THE CZECH EMBASSY 26/04/22: FRENCH CONNECTIONS: The Bourbons and Bohemia' by Dr Philip Mansel


ZOOM LECTURE 09/02/22: 'A Castle in Bohemia, an Austro-Japanese Count, and the Future of Europe’ by Martyn Bond and Claudia Hamill


ZOOM LECTURE 27/10/21: 'How Did the Baroque taste?' by Milan Svoboda


ZOOM LECTURE 23/06/21: 'Adolf Loos in Pilsen - the Interiors' by Petr Klíma


ZOOM LECTURE 26/05/21: 'The Low-Beer Story behind Schindler's List and Villa Tugendhat' by Daniel Low-Beer


ZOOM LECTURE 21/04/21: 'Imperial Baroque, Vienna and Prague' by Caroline Cannon-Brookes


ZOOM LECTURE 04/03/2021: 'Great Houses of Bohemia and Moravia' by Barbara Peacock