LoosCompoSMALLOne of the great pioneers of Modern architecture, Adolf Loos, between 1907 and 1932 enriched the architectural environment of Pilsen for affluent Jewish clients. They had in common not only commercial, social and family ties, but also a desire for lavish, impressive interiors which he unquestionably satisfied. Born in Brno in 1870, he was famous for the 'Raumplan' (spatial design) as well as for writing the 1908 essay 'Ornament and Crime'. His work can be found throughout Europe including the department store Goldman and Salatsch (1910) in Vienna and his masterpiece, the Villa Müller (1930) in Prague.

Petr Klíma, Vice-chairman of Pilsen's 'Pěstuj prostor' (Foster the City) association and manager of the Pilsen Architectural Manual project, navigated us through Loos' realisations in the city. 

Images: interiors by Robert Dowden. Image of Loos by Mayer in the public domain