KD2016 NewspaperSmallA group of UK and Czech volunteers spent a week working to restore features in the famous landscape park at Krásný Dvůr in western Bohemia, part of the Czech Republic. This is one of the first landscape gardens on the Continent in the English style, and was much admired by Goethe.
In glorious, hot September weather they uncovered steps and paths long-since impassable to allow public access to the important 18th-century feature of the Hermit's Gorge.

MFDCoverageSmallThe working party was a joint venture between The Friends of Czech Heritage and Czech National Heritage Institute. Following the success of the week further volunteer working holidays are being planned for 2017.

As with our other working parties over the years, there was considerable press interest in the project.

Previously we had most UK and non-Czech participants, but now we are seeing more Czech residents taking part, and the hope is that the principle of volunteeting will spread more widely.