Place and Setting at Konopiště Castle in Bohemia

Kono1DinnerDec2018Milan Svoboda, the heritage specialist who worked on The Friends' recent tour of historic Bohemia, was instrumental in setting up an exhibition at Konopiště Castle, the home of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the Duchess of Hohenberg, born Žofie Chotková z Chotkova. The couple were assasinated in Sarajevo in 1916. After World War One and the expulsion of the Habsburgs, the descendants of the Archduke and the Duchess were also required to leave the country even though they were not of the Imperial family. The castle came into the posession of the Czechoslovak State in 1921 and is run by the National Heritage Institute.

Kono2DinnerDec2018Porcelain and glass that belonged to the Archduke Franz Ferdinand at Konopiště Castle, used by the family until his assassination in 1914, are now on permanent 

exhibition. Pieces normally kept in Konopiště 's depositaries will now be available for the public to view. The banqueting table will be updated according to the season.

Images © M. Svoboda showing the dining exhibition

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