PravoPg3Nov11 2018WebOn 10th November 2018 'Magazín Práva', a supplement in the Czech national newspaper 'Pravo', featured this year's working party organised by The Friends at the Chateau of Vizovice. The article is by Zuzana Musálková, with excerpts below translated from the Czech by Rupert Emery.

"The fact that foreigners admire our cultural monuments – and moreover the sheer number – is nothing new. For eleven years now, these architectural treasures – and in particular those that are forgotten, and rarely receive money for their repair – have had foreign ‘Friends’. The Friends of Czech Heritage are based in the county of Sussex, in the south of England. Under their patronage, volunteers come to lend a hand, helping to preserve and restore the Czech cultural heritage."


"For the inhabitants of some western countries it is common to devote their time to a good cause, and they are more educated in this spirit. But many Czechs will join the work too. According to data from the Czech Statistical Office, about one million inhabitants of our country were involved in the enormous activities of 2014, and their free labor saved  the state around six billion crowns."

"The FoCH organisation would like to see these figures increase. "We do not have the capacity or the means to carry out a major reconstruction of larger sites, but we can provide a smaller grant or help with the revitalisation of the site and try to spark the recovery process," says the architect [Chairman Peter Jamieson]."