Lecture: 'Lednice/Valtice - Bringing the UNESCO-listed historic gardens in Moravia to life'

May 2015 - The Friends held a lecture 'Lednice/Valtice - Bringing the UNESCO-listed historic gardens in Moravia to life', given by Ing. Přemysl Krejčiřík PhD and Kamila Krejčiříková PhD, photo below.

cJS Kamila Krejcirik and Premysl krejcirik20150521 194617Ing. Kamila Krejčiříková Ph.D., assisted by her husband Přemysl, gave a very interesting lecture at the Czech Embassy, London, on the work they, as experts in landscape design and restoration, have been and still are doing on the restoration of the historic gardens at the connected sites of Lednice and Valtice in the south of Moravia, near the frontier with Austria.

 The combined site, which was owned by the Liechtenstein family for 700 years until 1945, is on the UNESCO World Heritage list and receives over one million visitors each summer. The talk was illustrated by many excellent slides showing not only how the site looks today but also, through the use of contemporary plans and drawings, how it has evolved over the centuries.

Lednice CompoFLATIt was particularly interesting for a London audience to note Kamila’s references to buildings and gardens in England, such as Stowe and Kew, which influenced the development of Lednice/Valtice in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Photo credits left, from top to bottom, and left to right: Lednice ©Čapková, Minaret ©NPÚ, Temple of Diana (arch), and curving Temple of the Three Graces ©Vavřík, Hunting Lodge ©Doronenko, Chapel of St Hubert ©Vavřík, Temple of Apollo ©RadekS, background image: the glasshouse of Lednice ©L.Kalista  


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