Lecture about the March 1938 Occupation of Bohemia and Moravia

'The Bell of Treason - The Munich Agreement and its Aftermath', at 6:30pm (doors open at 6pm) on 27th March 2019 in the Czech Embassy, London. The lecture will take place in the Czech Embassy Cinema. To reserve your ticket via Eventbrite system, please follow this link:

Tyn Courtesy www ww2inprague comThe Munich Agreement doomed the first Czechoslovak Republic, paving the way for its invasion by Nazi Germany in March 1939, eighty years ago this year. Chamberlain famously proclaimed "Peace in our time" on his return from the Munich conference, while Daladier muttered: "The fools, if only they knew what they are cheering". The Czechoslovaks knew all along. As for the Germans, they were not as united behind Hitler as is sometimes believed. P.E. Caquet, author of the recently-published 'The Bell of Treason: the 1938 Munich Agreement in Czechoslovakia', will present these differing perspectives and explain how they made possible the tragedy that was Munich.

Professor Caquet is a historian at the University of Cambridge, where he completed his PhD, and is a senior member of the Cambridge College Hughes Hall. He has published on various nineteenth- and twentieth-century international history topics, including 'The Orient, the Liberal Movement, and the Eastern Crisis of 1839-41' (Palgrave MacMillan, 2016). Prior to studying at Cambridge, Mr Caquet lived for ten years in Prague, where he pursued a business career. More information on www.pecaquet.com.

Image: wartime Prague, in the background is the Týn Church on Old Town Sqaure, courtesy of www.ww2inprague.com

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