Mucha Talk CompoJohn Mucha, grandson of Alphonse Mucha, gave a fascinating talk to a large audience at the Czech Embassy about the fate of the Mucha family during the Nazi Occupation of Czechoslovakia and then under the Communism, and how Mucha’s own collection of his work was preserved under those regimes, and later largely made available for public display.

The speaker particularly drew attention to Alphonse Mucha's great series of enormous paintings entitled the Slav Epic, depicting episodes from the history of the Czechs and other Slavonic peoples. These paintings were regarded by Mucha as his most important creation. After being hidden from the Nazis, thet were rediscovered after the Second World War and then exhibited until recently in a crumbling castle in Moravia. They have now controversially been removed to Prague and put on display there.

Top photo: John Mucha begins his talk. Lower photo: John Mucha with the representatives of Frey Wille who demonstrated Mucha-inspired jewelry. Mrs. Mucha is joins them, second from the left.

Photo courtesy of James Robertson.