PJ Gatehouse cR.HarrisonThe Friends held two very productive working parties at Červený Dvůr in South Bohemia at the end of May and beginning of June. The numbers were small but sometimes this can be an advantage, especially when doing semi-skilled tasks, as we were.

CD2019 cMSteibeltThe project was centred around the reconstruction of the two gatehouses, which formerly guarded the main carriage entrance to the park. Both were ruinous and the brick walls had to be rebuilt. This required us to exercise our bricklaying skills, which proved to be up to the job and we were ably assisted by patients from the hospital and the staff. But there is still much to be done!

There is always a day out and this time we visited the Château of Jindřichův Hradec with its spectacular Renaissance courtyard and a fascinating exhibition about members of the Černin (Czernin) family in their role as Ambassadors of the Emperor in Vienna to cities including Venice and the Ottoman Court in Constantinople.  We also achieved a long-standing ambition by climbing the Klet' Mountain one hot, sunny morning, a peak that dominates the hills around Červený Dvůr.

Images of one of the gatehouses under reconstruction: upper left, copyright Richard Harrison; lower right, copyright Martin Steibelt