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A grant to Skanzen Chanovice

August 2016 - A grant to Skanzen Chanovice

Skanzen2 WEBSome building types get much more exposure when it comes to saving a nation’s heritage whilst others receive scant attention. Rural agricultural buildings especially belong to this group. They are often very rare because they are undervalued and many were destroyed in the days of rural collectivisation. The Skanzen, an open-air museum, seeks to remedy this by collecting and re-siting these humble buildings in much the same way as the Weald and Downland Museum in Sussex. It can be argued that moving a historic building destroys its credibility but in this case the move has to be balanced against the likelihood of total loss. We have therefore offered a grant for repairing one of the barns.


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A grant to St James's Church, Bedřichův Světec

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